Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Home in Phoenix


No matter where you live in the United States, there are going to be some perks that come with the location you choose. Whether it’s the climate, transportation, culture or economy, every city has unique characteristics that settlers have learned to appreciate. At the same time, we think Arizona homeowners have it made. So, let’s talk about why..

1. The Cost of Living is a Perk in Itself.

When it comes to buying a home, Phoenix, Arizona is the place to do it. Aside from boasting low property taxes, The Greater Phoenix Economic Council shows that Arizona has a median home price of $233,000. This is far below the national average and why a lot of families are moving here from neighboring states like California. Beside purchase opportunities, the cost of living in the Phoenix metropolitan area is lower than the national average as well. This includes housing, groceries, utilities, transportation and healthcare.  

Let’s compare and contrast a little to give you some perspective. According to Bank Rate, the cost of living in the Denver metropolitan area is 14.7% higher than people who own a home in Phoenix, Arizona. If you happen to be looking at the LA area, it’s 46.3% higher. While the Arizonan landscape is certainly different than Colorado and California, the state offers tons of things to do. From Spring Training to hiking to festivals, the Valley of the Sun has you covered throughout the year. Arizona isn’t lacking in events and activities for young people, the elderly, singles and families. With a lower cost of living, residents are able to enjoy entertainment at relatively affordable prices.

2. The Resale Market Has a Promising Future.

About 10 years ago when the market was at a low, you wouldn’t have thought about buying and owning a home in Phoenix, Arizona. But, times have changed and homeownership is now on the rise. Commercial and residential improvements have improved the quality of options over the years and the city is now flourishing with a ton of purchase opportunities.

Real estate prices are also rising. This has been very beneficial for Arizona homeowners that waited through the crash. It’s safe to say they are cashing in now. According the Phoenix Business Journal, resale prices have been outpacing the national average significantly. Due to the demand of housing and flight from neighboring states, Phoenix is now the 11th fastest growing city in the nation (according to Forbes) – and still climbing!

While the real estate market has seen a big increase in home values, experts don’t expect the market to take a turn. What does this mean for you? Buying a home in Arizona will likely place you in position to garner a solid return on your residential investment when you’re ready to sell the house.

3. Friendly Weather Helps Maintain Your Home.

Owning a home in a place where it feels like you’re on vacation 8 months out of the year is great, but the Arizona weather doesn’t only benefit the residents. The sunshine and dry air also helps maintain your home. Without snow and ice, you don’t have to worry about dealing with damage to roofs and pipes. If you’ve lived in colder climates, you know how this can be a royal pain to deal with. Most of the state of Arizona rarely sees snow, and the temps typically stay above freezing year round. Arizona homeowners don’t have to worry so much about home maintenance when the weather makes it easy on them.

This also saves residents time and money. Preparing for winter or spring thunderstorms can take up a lot of resources. Instead of cleaning gutters and investing in weather stripping, Arizonans are able to easily enjoy the great outdoors. Keep in mind that while you don’t need to worry about winter damage, it doesn’t mean you aren’t required to maintain your home. Inspecting roofs, checking your HVAC systems (especially the AC) and decluttering after Monsoon season are great ways to stay on top of home maintenance.

4. Year-Round Remodeling Opportunities.

In other parts of the country, home remodeling projects can experience setbacks because of the weather or landscape. But, in Arizona, the best time of year for remodeling is any time! Similar to weather being beneficial for maintenance, you can do a home renovation virtually any time of year. From kitchen remodels to bathroom remodels, the temperate weather for the majority of the year means that you don’t have to plan around it. Although the summer can get a little heated, it’s nothing a little water can’t fix. Home renovations are much faster when you’re not waiting for the ground to unfreeze or natural disasters to pass.

5. Ideal For Custom exteriors and backyards.

As aforementioned, the amazing weather provides endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. But, this doesn’t mean you have to leave your house for enjoyment. The ability to be outside for a majority of the year allows you to create wonderful outdoor landscapes that fit your lifestyle. Whether you want an Arizona room, outdoor fireplace, swimming pool, exterior kitchen or lush landscaping; the options are endless.

Getting creative with an outdoor living space is also an option in the desert. Low maintenance turf (for mini golf!), beautiful gazebos, desert gardens, and water features can add to the element of your backyard space. The Arizona weather lends itself to custom exteriors that you can enjoy year round!

While you may not be quite ready to own a home in Phoenix, we want to reassure you that you’ve chosen a great place to live. From the cost of living to weathering perks, there aren’t many things that are better than Arizona homeownership!


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