Simple Holiday Tips for Arizona Homeowners

Simple Holiday Tips for Arizona Homeowners

The holiday season is once again upon us, and we need to pay some extra attention to our homes this time of year to create good memories and enjoy the season. Follow these simple Holiday tips for a very happy and comfortable season – and for many more to come in Arizona.

Decor & Christmas Tree Follies.

simple-holiday-tips-for-arizona-homeowners-during-the-christmas-season-taking-care-of-christmas-tree-and-making-sure-its-sturdyChristmas trees can be beautiful, aromatic and festive at Christmastime, but they can also be problematic if not properly cared for. Be sure when setting up your tree that it is stable and will not fall over while decorating or after you’ve finished.

A Christmas tree that falls over can cause many problems in your home. Also be sure to give your live trees plenty of water. A fresh tree can use up all the water in your stand in just a few hours, so make sure it has plenty of water regularly.

Double Checking Smoke Alarms, Again..

checking-fire-smoke-alarms-simple-holiday-tips-for-arizona-homeowners-to-prevent-fire-while-guests-are-in-townFire hazards are an issue all year round but especially at Christmastime. Be sure your fire/smoke detectors are in good working order. They should be hardwired into the house’s electrical system with battery backup. This should be a routine check, but many people forget.

It can easily be one of the most UN-important simple holiday tips for Arizona homeowners. But, taking a few minutes to execute maintenance checklists will help you avoid disasters that can alter your entire family’s lives.

Cover Turbine Roof Ventilation.

simple-holiday-tips-for-phoenix-arizona-homeowners-during-the-christmas-seasonIf your roof has turbine-style roof vents, it’s a good idea to cover them during the winter months. This is a pretty simple DIY project, but if you are uncomfortable with heights, just hire a handyman to do this for you. Your local hardware store will have covers specifically made for this purpose.


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