Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?


Homeownership is an awesome thing in the Valley of the Sun. Owning a home can be rewarding in so many ways. While we all share in the benefits of homeownership, we also share some of the unique problems that can arise when owning a home. So, when you’re faced with a construction project, should you do it yourself or hire a contractor? In this article, I will share some of my secrets with you on how to navigate the challenge of figuring out what to do and when to hire someone to do it for you.


When A Handyman Comes in “Handy.”

Maintenance and repair are responsibilities that cannot be taken lightly when you own a home. Some people are pretty good at handling these do-it-yourself projects on their own while others are lost as to where to even begin. One asset that everyone who owns a home should have is a reliable handyman.

These guys are out there every day working on homes just like yours, and they are an affordable way to keep your home from falling into disrepair. From painting to roof repairs and almost everything in between, if it is a job that costs less than $1,000, a handyman is a good place to start.

When to Trade off for a Tradesman.

While handymen are great for a lot of things, we need to be careful to use specialized trades when it comes to certain repairs around our homes. Plumbing is a perfect example of this and is something you shouldn’t attempt to do on your own.

In the state of Arizona, most plumbing repairs must be carried out by a licensed plumbing contractor. This can be quite costly as there are a lot of high-profile plumbing companies in the Valley, and along with high profile comes high prices.

Before hiring a plumber, be sure to get pricing on the repair and always shop around.  A/C companies are the same way. Try to hire a contractor that you feel comfortable with and who has done work for someone you know and trust.

Major Projects Require General Contracting.

For any job higher than $1,000, state law requires that a licensed contractor perform the work. That goes for everything, from flooring installation to roof repairs: If you are having more than $1,000 worth of work done on your home, be sure to use a licensed contractor.

When selecting a contractor, be sure to do your research and check them on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website and look for online reviews from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.


Follow these guidelines to help you determine if you should do it yourself or hire a contractor. We want to make your home ownership experience a safer and less costly experience. As always, feel free to contact us here at Rictor Contracting(623) 842-5413 for help with anything around your home, from finding a good handyman to a complete remodel. We are here to help.follow-rictor-contracting-in-glendale-az-on-facebook

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