Thinking Of Putting A Room Addition On Your Home?


There is a lot that has to happen if you are planning on putting a room addition on your home. Knowing where to focus is key to a seamless build. We’ve been building and remodeling residential properties in Phoenix for a few decades now and want to help you gain a better understanding for the project. From planning to permits, inspections to final walkthroughs – there is a lot that needs to go right for the room addition to be truly a success. Consider these three things before getting started with construction.

1. Where is There a Need to Expand the Home?

First of it is very important to decide early on what it is that your room addition needs to provide for you, the homeowner. Whether it is a spare bedroom with an added bath or a playroom with space enough for a growing family, figuring out your needs are key to the perfect beginning to your dream home. Do you really need an improved kitchen or bathroom? Is it something you can afford or are there more pressing needs to consider for your family. Once you know exactly what it is that you want it is time to move to step two of putting a room addition on your home.

2. Room Addition Codes, Regulations and Design.

Now that you know what you want it is time to get your room addition drawn by someone that has experience with the codes and regulations related to building in the area in which you currently reside. This can be an architect or just a draftsman as long as they understand the building industry where you live. This person can help you with a design that will be acceptable to the building safety department in your area.

3. Hiring the Right General Contractor.

Now that you have a design you can start getting bids from contractors. It is best for large projects to hire a general contractor because there are a lot of things to do when adding a room addition to your home. From permits to inspections and from ordering materials to scheduling sub-contractors, a good general contractor can make your room addition a much smoother project if you choose the right one.

When putting a room addition on your home it is essential to follow the proper steps to ensure a less stressful experience during the construction process as well as ensure a lifetime of enjoyment of your new room addition.

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