Pre Home Purchase Checklist

Pre Home Purchase Checklist

All of us have moved from one place of residence to another at least one time in our lives. Here is our pre home purchase checklist with some helpful hints from your contractor to make this a more survivable experience.

It Pays to Make All the Right Moves

pre-home-purchase-checklist-by-rictor-contracting-in-phoenix-azBefore you decide to move, do your research. You will need several companies and individuals to help you with this, so be careful about whom you trust.

Find the Right Professionals for the Job.

You will need a real estate agent, movers, home inspector, possibly a mortgage company and an appraiser, and the list goes on. Be very careful about whom you choose for these important tasks; the right decision can make a huge difference in how smoothly your move goes.

Thoroughly Inspect the Property.

Get a reputable inspector to check out the new home where you will be moving. Be sure to get inspections from specialty contractors such as roofers and electricians, and always follow through with them for follow-up inspections once repairs have been made.

A lot of the things these inspectors find may be trivial and easily fixed, such as broken switch plate covers or painting repairs, and these items are not a big concern. Be sure to address any major concerns, such as roof degradation and structural issues. These items can greatly affect the value of your home. Using our pre home purchase checklist and addressing them before moving into your new house is essential.

Determine if a Home Warranty is in Your Best Interest.

Home warranties are very popular these days and a good deal under certain circumstances. Again, be sure to do your research before purchasing a home warranty. The company you use is going to do its best to make money on this transaction, so it is vital to make sure it does not have a reputation for doing this at customers’ expense.

Be sure to read the policy thoroughly, as crucial items may be excluded from coverage, and it’s important that you know what you’re buying ahead of time.


Use these helpful hints from our pre home purchase checklist when you’re considering a new residence and they will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of moving. As always, for help with this or anything around your home, contact Rictor Contracting, (623) 842-5413, because we love to move heaven and earth for our customers.


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