How To Address Water Leaks in Phoenix, Arizona

How To Address Water Leaks in Phoenix, Arizona

We are very dependent on water in our modern society, and while it makes our lives livable, it can also create some unique challenges for the inhabitants of the Valley of the Sun. Leaking water can turn into quite the situation for most. Knowing how to address water leaks in Phoenix, Arizona can save you the stress and drastically decrease renovation costs. Follow these simple tips and your life will be much more predictable in the event of a water incident in your home.

Spring a Leak? Spring into Action!

First of all, it is very important to know where the water shut-off valve is on your house. For most of us, that is right in the front of our house, and it is usually located below a hose bib. You should know where this valve is because, if you ever do have a pipe break or leak of some kind, it is pivotal to get the water turned off ASAP.

This valve will turn off the water to everything but your fire sprinklers, if your house is so equipped. If you do have fire sprinklers, the shut-off valve should be in the front of the house, often times in the garage.

Knowing the locations of both valves is very important. If you are unsure where these valves are, ask your plumber for direction. Educating yourself on potential disasters as a homeowner will help, if you ever need to address water leaks in Phoenix, Arizona.

Look For Water Leaks Around Your House.

check-for-leaking-water-in-your-home-and-hire-a-plumber-in-phoenix-az-when-water-damage-is-foundWater leaks are common in residential buildings. They can come from leaking water pipes or drain pipes, leaking showers or tubs, and even from leaky roofs. All intrusion of water into your home is a concern. It can cause mold and rot, so leaks should be dealt with expediently.

The best way to detect a leak is to just pay attention to the conditions around your house. Any sign of water staining should be investigated immediately. Water can be damaging your house for some time before any visible signs appear, so immediate action is warranted at the first sign of a leak.

Maintain Your Arizona Pool Equipment

maintain-pool-equipment-so-children-are-safe-and-you-avoid-home-water-leak-damage-in-phoenix-azSwimming pools are very large bodies of water that many of us maintain on our residential properties, and they have their own unique challenges. Always watch the condition of your pool and related equipment for any signs of leaks.

It is also of vital importance to secure your pool and keep it fenced and out of the reach of children. One of the biggest tragedies we deal with in Phoenix, Arizona is the loss of children due to backyard drownings. Please keep a safe barrier between your pool and your children and always watch your kids around water.


Thanks for taking the time to learn how you can address water leaks in Phoenix, Arizona! Use these simple tips to protect your home’s value, and watch for more tips in our next newsletter. As always, if you need help with anything around your house, please feel free to contact Rictor Contracting, (623) 842-5413, for advice or service.


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