Home Maintenance Tips During Arizona Winters

Home Maintenance Tips During Arizona Winters

Wintertime in the Desert

Here in the Sonoran desert, we don’t have the same weather problems much of the country has, but living in Arizona is not without its concerns during the winter months. Here are some home maintenance tips during Arizona winters to help you & your home survive the cold in the Valley of the Sun.

1. Maintain Plumbing So Water Lines Don’t Freeze.

home-maintenance-tips-during-arizona-winters-such-as-keeping-waterlines-from-freezing-in-phoenix-azWatch the weather forecast for freezing temperatures. Keep in mind that the farther away you are from central Phoenix, the colder your part of town might get. Just because it doesn’t freeze at the airport doesn’t mean that it won’t freeze at your house. When the temperature drops below freezing, special attention needs to be given to keep our pipes from freezing.

If you have exposed pipes on the exterior of your home, and most homes do, wrap them with a towel overnight during a freeze in order to keep them from freezing and potentially bursting. You can also install pipe insulation on your exterior pipes, but the sun in the summertime around here will usually destroy this in just a couple of years.

2. Caring For Plants and Arizona Landscaping.


When it freezes, it is also important to protect your delicate plants. Many species, especially native plants, are fine in the freezing temperatures, but we have many plants in our landscaping that cannot handle extreme cold.

For these plants, covering them overnight with cloth will protect them from damage. Do not use plastic to cover plants as this will not help with the cold. You can also water your delicate plants at night before a freeze and this will provide some freeze protection as well.


Yes we live in the desert, but it gets very cold around here during the winter. So, follow these simple home maintenance tips during Arizona winters and enjoy a safe and comfortable snowbird season. And as always, contact Rictor Contracting, (623) 842-5413, for advice when it comes to maintaining your home.


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