Home Improvement Scams in Phoenix, Arizona

Home Improvement Scams in Phoenix, Arizona

Metropolitan Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the United States, and it is home to a very diverse population. This community is served by an equally diverse business community. Just as there are good and bad people in society, there are also good and bad businesses serving society – if what they do is considered “serving.” With that being said, I thought I’d discuss some of the common home improvement scams in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Clients Can Call Us With Questions & Concerns.

Just last week, Rictor Contracting got a call from a customer who had an individual at her front door trying to talk her into paying him to replace some wood in her roof that was allegedly rotten due to birds nesting in the attic. Fortunately, she had the sense to call Rictor Contracting, and we went right out and inspected her roof. There were no birds or birds’ nests or rotten wood. This is just one of many scams being played out daily in the Valley of the Sun.

Other Home Construction Scams That Are Common.

Homeowners are also scammed into spraying a “sealant” on their shingle roofs here in Phoenix. This is never a beneficial service when performed on a shingle roof. In fact, it will most likely cost you any warranty you might have. While there are products that we do spray on some roofs, there are none that we spray on shingle roofs. If someone tries to sell you this, close the door on him. It is a scam.

How to Spot a Home Improvement Scam in Phoenix.

As a general rule, no reputable contractor will ever knock on your door and try to sell you something. There are many quality-minded and integrity-driven contractors in this town. If you ever need any work done on your home, please feel free to call Rictor Contracting. We will always help you get your job done with honesty and integrity in mind, every step of the way.

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