General Contractor Hiring Tips for Arizona Families

General Contractor Hiring Tips for Arizona Families

Once again, the time has come for us to put our summer vacations behind us and send our children back to school. We begin to look forward to cooler temperatures and before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Fall and wintertime creates plenty of home improvement opportunities for the residents of Phoenix. One thing we’ve learned from our customers is that they like to start working on their homes during this time of year. So as you’re itemizing repairs or planning your next home remodel, here are a few general contractor hiring tips for Arizona families.


Solidify What You Want Done.

When you have a concrete vision, it’s easier to avoid upsells and sales tactics by general contractors. First, do your homework and be prepared so you know exactly what it is that you want to do on your home. Whether it is just a simple major cleaning for the holidays or a complete remodel done before Christmas, be sure to communicate this confidently and clearly. That way, when you get pricing from three different contractors, you can be sure to be comparing apples to apples.

Research Licensed General Contractors.

Next, do your research when selecting a contractor. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors has a website where you can check the license status and complaint history of any licensed contractor in the state. Be sure to only use licensed contractors. The Better Business Bureau is also a good resource to check on your contractors. Knowing who you hire is one of the most important general contractor hiring tips for Arizona families.

General Contractor Communication is Key!

Finally, be very careful to be clear with your contractor on what the cost will be and what, if any, potential extra charges might occur. It is also very important to communicate clearly with your contractor throughout the construction process. If there is something you don’t like or appreciate, let them know and see how they respond. In most cases, a quality contractor will do everything in their power to ensure your overall experience is satisfactory. I know that’s something we value at Rictor Contracting.


The construction industry is very competitive in Phoenix. Most homeowners are overwhelmed with options when they first start considering hiring a contractor. In order to keep your list minimal with quality options, follow these general contractor hiring tips for Arizona families. At the end of the day, investing time in this will ensure an easier path to the home of your dreams. For help with all your home improvement projects, call Rictor Contracting at(623) 842-5413 and receive prompt, courteous service throughout the Phoenix Metro area.


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  1. Thanks for this advice for hiring a general contractor. I’m glad that you mentioned you should try to be clear with the contractor about what the cost will be or any changes. This seems really important especially if it could affect the production of the project and how it will be planned out.

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