Checklist For Adding Onto Your House in Arizona

Checklist For Adding Onto Your House in Arizona

There are a lot of things to consider when adding a room addition to your home. From cost to design and building regulations, there are many different considerations that go into building a room addition in the greater Phoenix area. In order to give you a roadmap on where to begin, here is our checklist for adding onto your house in Arizona.

Designing Your Home Addition

First off let’s talk about design. What do you want your room addition to do for you and your family? Is it just for more living space or do you need another bedroom or two? Do you need a bathroom added to your home as well? What are the key features you are looking for out of your addition? Is access to the back yard something you want from your new living space?

All these things are considerations when thinking about doing a room addition to your home. Knowing the answer to these things is going to help you and your general contractor come up with a design for your addition.

Restrictions, Regulations and Functionality

Once you have design figured out it will become necessary to check city building codes so you can make sure it is ok to place the room addition on your property in your preferred location. There are regulations related to how far away from your property line any building on your lot needs to be.

There is much to be considered when locating the addition on your lot. Things like location of existing utility lines are important considerations when placing your new living space on your property. Having a checklist for adding onto your house will help you uncover some of these important steps that are often overlooked by homeowners.

Budgeting to Add Onto Your House.

Now let’s consider cost. The cost of adding a room addition to your house can vary by design and features. The larger the addition is the lower the price will be per square foot. If your room addition has a bathroom included it will take the price per square foot up.

Other things that affect cost normally include the preparations of the space. Is there already a structure there that would need to be removed to make space for the addition? Things like a patio cover or shed? Is there concrete that will need to be removed? What about landscaping? Is there a huge tree in the way? All of these things will increase the cost of your addition.


As you can see adding a room addition to your home is going to take some planning on your part in order to get what you want out of the living space and manage costs. Do all your homework and the added space will serve you and your family well for many years to come.

Hopefully our checklist for adding onto your house in Phoenix was helpful. As always, reach out to us with any questions, concerns or to obtain a customized bid proposal. new-custom-homes-and-tips-for-maintaining-home-electricity-and-other-residential-construction-topics-from-jeff-hunter-general-contractor-at-rictor-contracting

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