A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Your Home

Safety Tips For Latchkey Kids in Phoenix, Arizona

Home security is at or near the top of the list of priorities for pretty much every homeowner in Phoenix and throughout the valley this holiday season. It’s is an important topic to address because burglaries happen on a regular basis due to neglect from homeowners and renters. Understanding how to go about securing your home plays a big role in protecting your family. Maintaining a safe home goes far beyond placing extra locks on your doors and installing security systems. That’s why Rictor Contracting is sharing some basic tactics you should keep in mind in order to prevent break-ins and keep your safety intact.

One Man’s Trash …

While it’s important to secure sensitive documents inside your home, you should also be cautious with documents you toss. Burglars can rummage through your trash to learn more about you and your family, compromising your physical and online safety. Tear up or shred your documents before throwing them away, or enlist the help of a local recycling or shredding business in Phoenix or throughout the valley. To keep things even more secure, Rictor Contracting can build a lockable storage area to hold your waste containers between trash days.

Familiar Faces

You may be unknowingly inviting burglars into your home. Whether you’re brand new to Phoenix or relocating to a different neighborhood, get to know your neighbors and familiarize yourself with others who may frequent your neighborhood, like postal workers, delivery staff, and landscapers. And before you hire anyone to do work on or in your home—such as contractors or servicepeople—do your research and request background checks to ensure they’re a trusted, professional business. (To assure your peace of mind, Rictor Contracting is licensed, insured, and bonded.)

Education Is Key

As you get to know those who come near or have access to your home, it’s important your entire family fully understands who is and is not allowed into the house. You should also have a plan in place in case there is ever a threat to your home. Post emergency contacts in a place where everyone in the house can easily access them, like on the refrigerator.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to home security, but every detail—big and small—is essential to keeping you and your family safe.

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