Tips For Preserving Bathroom Remodels

Tips For Preserving Bathroom Remodels

When you update your bathroom to better meet the needs of your family, it’s important to consider the immediate and longterm impact. Forbes does a great job of speaking on this in an article by Nadia Sakey that shares 9 universal design tips to future-proof your bathroom. But, don’t be overwhelmed by the title. It’s basically a fancy way of communicating tips for preserving bathroom remodels.

If you’re going to invest in a home renovation project, you might as well make sure it lasts. Aside from general home improvement, the goal of a remodeling project should be to increase the value of your home. When things are done right, you don’t have to worry about it turning into a bad investment at some point down the road. Although finding a quality general contractor plays an important role in the preservation of your living space, the advice from Houzz shouldn’t be overlooked.

Our quick take on the article’s tips for preserving a bathroom remodel.

Universal bathrooms don’t have to be ugly or just for the elderly. Your next bathroom remodel can meet the modern designs of today, while accommodating future needs for a wide range of users. So if you are considering a bathroom remodel, you may want to consider a universal design that can grow with your needs, or accommodate family members and visitors that may have age-related or other special needs.

This article at highlights some important tips when it comes to a universal bathroom design. Of course, many of the ideas can be applied to any bathroom remodel. Ideas like wet rooms with creative shower spaces, to layouts that can make sharing the bathroom much easier for multiple people, and good use of materials in design can be useful, even if you’re not interested in a universal design.

How Our Company Values These Concepts

Rictor Contracting can help you design a bathroom that incorporates these key designs, and provide more information on the importance universal design might play in your particular Phoenix neighborhood, or for your particular needs. It’s not just senior neighborhoods either. With the rise in the number of people purchasing homes and renting them out on, universal design might not only be a great idea but at some point might even become a requirement. No matter the preferences or requirements, we want to ensure your construction experience is satisfactory. At the end of the day, we take pride in our building process and focus on preserving all remodeling projects, including bathrooms.

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