5 Reasons to Gift Yourself a Kitchen Remodel For Christmas


Tis the season of giving and plenty of people are spending a majority of their free time looking for ways to make others smile. From gift giving to volunteering time, a good portion of the holiday season is spent showing people you care about them. While finding the perfect give can be exhausting, it’s normally worth it in the end. Giving is what makes the holidays special while getting allows you to be grateful. But, receiving a present doesn’t always mean it has to come from someone else.

With all of the specials and end-of-year sales promoted in today’s society, it’s awfully difficult to ignore the urge to treat yourself to a few needs (or desires) when Christmas time is near. Whether it’s the big screen TV for 75% off on Black Friday or the last minute push by dealerships to get rid of their inventory, intrigue is everywhere. At the same time, there isn’t much that can top treating yourself to a new kitchen for the holidays. So, before you go spending money on discounted wants you don’t really need, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of gifting yourself a kitchen remodel for Christmas.

1. Host the Holidays for Once

Almost all of us have had a Christmas holiday experience that was memorable for the wrong reasons. From traveling woes to uncomfortable situations outside of comfort zones, visiting family or friends for the holidays can be exhausting. Some of us find ourselves simply trying to find a way to get through the season instead of enjoying it. Especially if the turkey gets burned.


Finally making the decision to move forward with a kitchen remodel can ensure you control the positive flow of Christmas next year. Talk to your family and ask them how they feel about traveling to Arizona for the holiday season. In most cases, you’re not the only one that will be up for a change. Most homeowners put off upgrading their kitchen because they don’t host enough gatherings to make it worthwhile. Notifying friends and family that you’re remodeling your kitchen should make it easy to solidify the party at your place next year.

2. Time Off Provides Opportunity

Outside of retail store employees and non-profits, a majority of us receive the gift of time off during the holiday season. Although some people refuse to stop and smell the pine cones, a lot of families spend this time together. Instead of going on vacation or traveling to someone else’s house for Christmas, a kitchen remodel could be a fun, bond-building experience for everyone. With time in your favor, you can afford to put the cost of a trip into a home renovation. Since your family spends most of their time in the kitchen, why not create some additional memories that can last a lifetime? Hiring and working with a contractor to revamp the space during everyone’s break can be a great reason to gift yourself a kitchen remodel for Christmas.


At the same time, you don’t have to be present to proceed with the construction project. Many families look forward to their Christmas vacation every year. Being away while the work is getting done is also a great reason to gift yourself a kitchen remodel for Christmas. The invasion of space that occurs during home improvement projects tends to get overlooked by homeowners. If you’re already planning on being out of town during then it’s a perfect time to get the project underway.

3. Eliminate Spousal Gifting

If you’re a guy and reading this, you’re probably still searching for the perfect gift for your wife. Waiting until the last minute isn’t always intentional. The gifts you decide on can easily make or break the entire holiday season. Getting this right is normally the primary focus. It’s not to say women don’t have a hard time shopping for their husbands. But, we can all agree that allocating a memorable gift for your spouse is important. It’s an opportunity to remind them why you’re together and show appreciation for their role in the relationship.


Although spousal gifting can be the highlight of the holidays for some, a good number of us would probably eliminate the pressure if we could. If you ask around, it’s not uncommon to agree on a family purchase for Christmas. Making a decision together helps avoid let down and eliminate some of the frenzy during the holiday season. Whether you decide to participate in the renovation together or hire someone to do it while you’re home, a kitchen remodel can be a great gift exchange idea for you and your spouse. It’s something you’ll be able to enjoy every day for years to come.

4. Avoid the Hot Mess

For those you that live in Arizona, you understand how intense the summer heat can be. Throughout the lifetime of your home, plenty of improvements are made to ensure the oven-like air doesn’t enter the house. One small gap in an entryway can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. Like most summer’s across the country, exposing your home to hotter temperatures during a remodeling project can drastically increase energy costs. Just because work is being done on the interior doesn’t mean the heat won’t take its toll.

If you plan on residing in the property during construction, most equipment, tools and power sources will remain outside. It’s nearly impossible to keep the heat out when workers are going in and out, feeding cords through entryways. Besides energy efficiency, the heat can impact the effectiveness of workers. Scheduling your kitchen remodel during Christmas break or sometime during the Arizona winter months will improve your overall experience in addition to the productivity of the project. Even monsoon season can be difficult to manage. Gifting yourself a kitchen remodel for Christmas helps you avoid putting off construction and get things rolling during the best time of the year.


5. Upgrade Future Plans

Over the last year, you may have a lot of accomplishments to look back on. As you look towards next year, big changes might be on the horizon. Although a complete home renovation might be an option, selling it it for something bigger allows you to upgrade your living situation quickly. Since most people spend a majority of their time in the kitchen, preparing for a resale with a kitchen remodel is never a bad idea. An upgrade here also allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor while planning for the future.

Many Arizona residents bought a house at an inopportune time and have owned it in an unrewarding market. Putting money into the home just hasn’t made much sense over the last decade. Now that there is a demand in Phoenix, they can start to consider ways to increase the value of their property. Although there aren’t tax breaks for personal home improvement costs (unless you own a home business or rent the property), homeowners can still reap the financial benefits of upgrades once they sell the home at profit.

Either way, gifting yourself a kitchen remodel for Christmas can improve the appeal (and even asking price) of the property. If you’ve been waiting for an opportune time to make money on an investment you’ve been patient with, now is the time to act. The hottest market tends to occur during the Spring in Arizona. Getting started with a plan to improve the home and sell it for profit can set you up for an amazing Christmas in a new home next year.

If you’d like to learn more about home improvement or some of our kitchen remodeling projects, feel free to reach out for additional information. At Rictor Contracting, we take pride in a detailed process, honest work and quality craftsmanship. We’re committed to helping you bring your vision to life in Phoenix, Arizona.

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