Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Home security is one of the most important elements of homeownership. Millions of people worry about unwanted visitors while they’re away from home or asleep at night. Burglars know no bounds when it comes to invading homes in Phoenix and throughout the valley. That’s why it’s important to stay alert and aware at all times, especially when it comes to home security. There are several simple ways to secure your home to ensure you and your family stay safe. At Rictor Contracting, we’re committed to providing clients with quality builds that are safe and increase the value of the home. We want you to enjoy your homeowner experience.

Door and Window Safety

First, regularly inspect your doors and windows. Are they latching and closing all the way? Are there any gaps or loose locks? Check often to make sure locks are properly secured, both from the inside and the outside. If you notice something is broken or not functioning correctly, have it fixed immediately. You can also have a professional perform a home safety inspection to look for things that aren’t obvious to untrained eyes, like the durability of your frames and the quality of your doors and windows.

Deadbolt Locks

Another layer of protection is deadbolt locks, which often can be installed by homeowners themselves. Many retailers throughout Phoenix sell kits to make the process simple and easy. However, it’s crucial to do research and get accurate measurements beforehand, because even a top-of-the-line deadbolt can fail if it’s not installed properly.

Secure Lighting

Many Arizona homeowners often overlook another simple tactic to keep their home secure: outdoor lighting. Placing several lights around your home can help keep burglars at bay during the night. Make it a habit to regularly check these lights—perhaps at the same time you inspect your doors and windows—and replace any broken or burnt-out lights immediately.

Helping Keep Phoenix Homes Secure

If do-it-yourself home security is beyond your reach or you just don’t have time to take on another project right now, Rictor Contracting is here to help. Our knowledge and expertise in home security and our commitment to quality craftsmanship provide peace of mind with results you’ll be proud to show to your guests. Learn all the ways we can help by browsing our services or giving us a call.

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